Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream

We have scooped our last scoop at our location on 7th Ave, but with your help we can bring our ice cream to you.

Through Kickstarter, we hope to raise $45,000 to put Mary Coyle on the street in her newest form, an ice cream truck. For backing us, you can once again enjoy our classic, rich one of a kind Mary Coyle ice cream.

Help us out, let your ice cream loving friends know and soon Mary Coyle will be scooping ice cream in your neighborhood.

Spread the word & make this truck a reality...


Our Story

This project is about giving new life to an old friend. Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream is a part of the fabric of modern Phoenix. The ice cream and the memories created when visiting Mary Coyle have been a staple for the families in the local community since 1951, when Mary moved to Phoenix from Akron, Ohio. The ice cream is nothing short of fantastic. This project is about keeping that ice cream and those memories alive for future generations. The new Mary Coyle will be something else from a time-gone-by: a good ol' fashion ice cream truck, delivering real ice cream scoops all over Phoenix. In short, you won't have to go to the ice cream any more, because it'll come to you.

How are we going to do it? With your help, we're going to get ourselves a used Food Truck, outfit it with some freezers and the other gear we'll need to scoop our ice cream, dress it up in the Mary Coyle colors (maybe even with your name on it), and put it on the road. Once we're out there, we'll start bringing you the ice cream you know and love, finding places to park alongside our food truck friends around town and probably a few other places, where folks might just like to have a cone or a bowl.